Tuesday, June 3, 2008

An Intrroduction to SQR(Structured Query Report)

SQR is a programming language designed for generating reports from database management systems. The name is an acronym of Structured Query Reporter, which suggests its relationship to SQL (Structured Query Language).
Any SQL statement can be embedded in an SQR program.
It provides functionality to generate reports in various forms including text file,Excel Files,HTML files,PDF and lots more.

SQ Software created SQR in the mid 1980s.
It had a marketing agreement with D & N Systems, which changed its name to SQL Solutions and was later acquired by Sybase Inc. Sybase purchased SQ Software in the early 1990s.
To avoid competing directly with Oracle Corporation, Sybase had a marketing and development agreement with MITI for the Oracle database versions of SQR. MITI acquired the full rights to SQR in the mid 1990s. MITI changed its name to SQRiBE Technologies in 1997. Brio Technology acquired SQRiBE in August, 1999. Brio Technology later changed its name to Brio Software. Brio licensed the compiler source code to PeopleSoft Inc. sometime around 2000. Hyperion Solutions Corporation acquired Brio Software in October, 2003. Oracle Corporation acquired PeopleSoft in December, 2004.

SQR is a widely used report writer, Data Development Language and Data Manipulation Language software for Client/Server applications. SQR is developed by Sqribe Technologies and supports a wide range of Relational Database Management Systems like Oracle, Sybase, Sqlbase, DB2, Informix, Ingres etc. This software also runs under several popular operating systems like Windows NT/95, VMS, VAX, Unix, AS400 etc. This software is replacing traditional batch processing programming language like COBOL.

In 2007, Hyperion was acquired by Oracle Corp. SQR and programs developed using SQR are also delivered with PeopleSoft solutions from Oracle.
PeopleSoft (which also has been acquired by Oracle) purchased rights to the SQR source code and maintained its own version of SQR.

The PeopleSoft version is not sold separately. The name "SQR" has been largely retired from the Hyperion version; it is now simply a part of the Production Reporting component of Hyperion System 9.


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